Mum Is My Home Postcard Free Printable

Your love has always been my anchor and shelter. Your arms will be my home.

This is my favourite mum quote ever, and the reason I smother Baby Gwen with hugs all the time.

Mum Is My Home Postcard Free Printable

This image keepsake traces back to a time when Limin and I were wedding stationers, and participated in a styled maternity shoot named #LetterstoBaby. For the styled shoot, we had mamas to be pen messages to their unborn babies.

The poignant session brought out so many emotions in us because those letters were among the most touching and powerful ones I've read in my life.

Especially when we got to know the backstories of the mums! We had a first-time mum who's tried 14 years to conceive and finally succeeded! 14 YEARS 😢 I could cry inside imagining the magnitude of emotional and physical pain she had been through.

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If you want to appreciate your mum, we'll be honored to have you use our hand-illustrated postcard. Download for free here.

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Design copyright belongs to Artist Limin Ong from Singapore.

Styled Shoot Credits

Styling/Conceptualisation: @8_dec
Florals: @keirafloral
Jewelry: @mamatuckshop
Photography & studio: @antelopestudios
Furniture: @hocksiong

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