Supercharged Mumpreneur Shuying of MerryLove Weddings

Mumpreneurs are amazing multi-taskers. As though running a household and running after their toddling kids aren't enough, they run a thriving business too. Miraculove interviews 5 inspirational mumpreneurs to find out how these superwomen do it.

In the spotlight we have Shuying, founder and chief elf of MerryLove Weddings.

Tell me about yourself and your business!

Hello! My name is Shuying and I’m a first time mom. My son, Liam, is barely 2 months old and is having a lot of fun keeping his parents up at night haha. As for the business, I got married in 2012 and had loads of trouble finding adequate help to decorate our wedding (wedding styling was practically unheard of then!), so we decided to do it on our own and that’s how MerryLove Weddings started!

At MLW, we decorate weddings, shoots and other celebrations. Think of us as interior designers for events; we conceptualize, design and fill the event space with just the right amount of words, props, flowers and colours, so your photo album would look cohesive and coordinated at every turn of the page.

Credits: Shuying

What kind of mom are you?

An inexperienced one! Haha. I’m only 6 weeks into the journey of motherhood and it’s been such a steep learning curve (and a jumble of emotions!). Just as my baby’s experiencing a whole new world, so am I. Being a mom is so much tougher than any other job I’ve ever undertaken, but it’s definitely the most meaningful as well! In time to come, I do hope I can be a parent who encourages my son to have faith, hope and peace regardless of his circumstances in life.

Credits: Shuying

What are the unique selling points of your business?

When we first started, wedding styling is such a new concept in SG and that makes us one of the pioneers of the industry. That’s really a double-edged sword, because on one hand we have minimal competitors, but on the other hand, we had a real hard time convincing brides that styling is something they should budget for! Now, 4 years into the business, wedding styling is already a well-established industry with many other stylists in business, but we do our best to work with joy and a heart to bless. The ‘heart’ work behind the brand, I’d like to think this sets us apart. Credits: Shuying

What do you find most challenging about being a mom and juggling motherhood with running a business?

I’m a little too new at this to be fully back at work; for these couple of months, being a mum is my main job and the business takes a backseat. I’m supremely thankful for my wonderful team who’s keeping the business running so well in my absence!

I guess the main challenge for me now is learning to work around my baby’s schedule; instead of planning my own time like I used to, I have to follow Liam’s cue now and cherish the pockets of time I have to do work when he goes down for naps! That also means learning to drop the work that I’m doing and pick up from where I left off after settling my baby.

What're your supercharged moments as a mompreneur?

As a new mom, my supercharged moments are simple; when my son enjoys the baths I give him, when he coos in his cute little voice or is simply just in a pleasant mood, little things like these are seemingly insignificant to others but very precious to my husband and I. It's also wonderful to just take a step back and watch my husband play with (and marvel over) our son; I love watching my boys! Credits: Shuying As mompreneur, I also get excited whenever my son goes down for a nap, because that means I get time to work! Or repay that sleep debt! Haha.

What’s the worst thing that had happened so far in this journey?

There’ve been bumps along the way but thankfully, nothing too big so far! One of the most recent challenge came during my pregnancy, during my 3rd trimester no less, when we were told by our landlord to find a new warehouse space and move out within two months.

It was scary to be pushed to pack up our truckloads (quite literally!) of props and find a new permanent space when I’m so heavily pregnant and already fretting about being a new mom. Thankfully, we managed to find a great space just in time and my awesome team worked really hard to get everything neatly moved in before my baby came along, so I could concentrate on motherhood without this giant worry!

What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

I’m honestly not quite a planner (which is why I’m not a wedding planner haha!); I just pray for wisdom and strength to deal with what comes along the way. I’m not sure where the business would be in years to come but I trust that God would lead us every step of the way as we go along! :)

What would you say are some of your personal beliefs or philosophy?

I’m a religious person, so I believe in faith and I believe in love. I believe in working to bless, not just to produce results. I believe happy hearts make good work, and I try my best to put together a compatible team for every set up so that everyone enjoys the work that we do! :)

Credits: Shuying

Credits: Shuying

Credits: Shuying

Credits: Shuying

Thank you Shuying for sharing generously about your mommyhood and entrepeneurial journey!

We love your authenticity in the work you produce and how you see yourself as a person, a mom and a business owner! Lots of gratitude and appreciation for completing this interview with us while you're still easing yourself into the role of a new mommy!

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