5 Amazing DIY Christmas Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Christmas craft making is a good way to spend extra quality time with the family, and get little ones hands-on and busy. These are 5 amazing Christmas cardboard crafts to DIY with kids that will make this festive season inclusive and memorable for everyone.

All you need are upcycled cardboard boxes (perfect if you had bought lots of stuff on Black Friday!)

DIY Life Size Cardboard Santa Sleigh for Toddlers to Ride

1) Santa’s Sleigh Your Kids Can Actually Ride

An ordinary cardboard box can be made extraordinary with a little imagination!

Fashion a magical Santa’s Sleigh from cardboard boxes that kids won’t be able to resist hopping aboard to picture themselves soaring through imaginary snow and air. The cool twist is that they get to be the ones delivering the presents!

With this DIY Santa’s Sleigh, expect lots of play, fun and laughter on a stay-home afternoon with your kids. Did I mention it’s a wonderful photo prop too?

The only drawback I can think of? Your kids might grow up wanting to be Santa!

Full tutorial can be found here.

DIY Life-size Gingerbread Man House for Kids

2) Life-size Gingerbread Man House

A store-bought gingerbread man house decoration kit? Not cheap.
Hours of play and fun? One or two (if you’re lucky).

A gingerbread man house made from cardboard? Free.
Hours of play and fun? Endless! It might even last the entire season.

Enough said :p

Full tutorial can be found here.

Cardboard Christmas Tree Decoration Fine Motor Activity with Toddler

3) Mini Christmas Tree for Kids to Decorate

Kids just enjoy hands-on Christmas tree decoration! There’s so much to tinker with - baubles, ornaments, tinsel, skirting, topper… it’s understandable why kids can’t leave our real Christmas tree alone!

Fuel their interest by crafting them their very own mini mini Christmas tree to decorate time and again! Provide them with lots of sensory materials to dress up their special trees and maybe now you don’t have to baby or toddler-proof your real Christmas tree!

Full tutorial can be found here.

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

4) Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Wall Decor

Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce classics and holiday characters to kids. If your children fall in love with Rudolph and become obsessed over the story of how his prominent red nose saved the day, this fun craft allowing them to color Rudolph’s nose will absolutely make their day!

Kids will feel proud to have their Rudolph masterpiece lovingly displayed on the wall at home!

Full tutorial can be found here.

Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath to DIY With Toddler

5) Handmade Christmas Wreath

Christmas decorating around the house can be daunting, not to mention costly. Why not share the load with the kids and reduce the cost to virtually zero? Here’s a handmade Christmas wreath idea that allows you to do both!

Crafting this Christmas wreath makes for a wonderful family affair, team work is definitely helpful here! Sticking cardboard paper tubes together, filling them with green crepe paper, popping pine cones in… kids will love to be involved in every step. What’s more? They’ll feel that their art is valued when their Christmas wreath masterpiece has pride of place at home!

Full tutorial can be found here.

Oh, the wonderful things cardboard can be turned into! It must be magic ;)

Have a merry and fun-filled Christmas!

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DIY Life Size Cardboard Santa Sleigh for Toddlers to Ride

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