7 Awesome Singapore Wedding Hashtags

For the digital age embracing couples, wedding hashtags do wonders in unifying the theme of your special day and enabling guests to document your celebrations, from their smart phone lens, in their own words.

Generally there's so much love packed into wedding hashtags! There are a couple which are so unbelievably and authentically creative or endearing that we just got to share them with you for inspiration.

Alliterations, rhymes and puns - they are the key to making wedding hashtags so awesome!

These hashtags we have come across top our list. In no order of ingenuity or memorability:

1. #sohlasoh一起走

This is a nod to the talented musician couple's music-themed wedding that cleverly incorporates parts of their names, "soh" and "la".

_Couple credits: Sebastian Soh & Priscilla Tan (also see their gorgeous music-themed and pantone-coloured wedding featured on The Wedding Vow here)._

2. #毅人亦伴


Ahhhhh. We're feeling all the poetic feels in this Chinese idiom inspired wedding hashtag.

The amazing part is that this hashtag is inspired by the fusion of similar-sounding characters from the couple's Chinese names "毅" and "亦".

Couple credits: Koh Hong Yi & Yirene Tan

3. #limteetime

... who's ready for some tee?

We love how the traditional Chinese tea ceremony is smartly cued in this hashtag that's also a perfect play on the couples' last names "lim" and "tee".

Couple credits: Patrick Lim & Tee Han Bin

4. #cheongtomarryhu

"Cheong" sounds like "chiong", a Hokkien word for "rush" (literal meaning "charge up a hill").

This wedding hashtag hints at the groom's eagerness to marry his bride, which is just too adorable for words.

Couple credits: Justin Cheong & Hu Hui Yi

5. #hiuaremychiangshine

...my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.

Now we feel like breaking into this classic nursery song we all grew up with.

Looking at the incredible number of photos tagged, this hashtag was definitely a heart stealer with all the guests.

Couple credits: Jayden Chiang & Puiser Hiu

6. #comeweechiayoulunch

One of the guests @yeechwan remarked, "damn power hashtag!" We can't agree more.

"Chia" (pronounced with the fourth tone) is the Hokkien word for "treating someone to food, drink or entertainment".

This hashtag implies that the couple is totally excited about treating their guests to the wedding luncheon. Totally apt!

Couple credits: Darius Ang Wee Theng & Olivia Chia

7. #woonyumarryme

...how to say no?

Beautiful fusion of the couple's names into the biggest and most important question of all time.

Couple credits: Vince Woon & YuXiu Seah

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