Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

In this post, find out all about the sensory play benefits of chia seeds and how you can replicate this learning about frogs educational activity at home!

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Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers!

This is a fun no-prep pre-bath sensory activity for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners that'll acquaint them with a character that appears in many children's books - frogs!

Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity!

Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Inspiration hit when I was soaking chia seeds to put into my smoothie. Visually soaked chia seeds look so much like frog spawn!

Soaked chia seeds are perfect for young children to explore, even those who put everything into their mouth. It has an interesting jelly-like texture and is slippery, making it fun for children to try to grab a handful into their palms.

Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Ingredients for This Sensory Activity

  • Soaked chia seeds
  • A shallow tub filled with water (I recommend to have children play when they're in the bathtub, so you can bathe them immediately after.)
  • Pass children tools for water transfer and scooping up the chia seeds

Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Might be a good idea to put your little one in a bathing suit!

Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Teachable Moments

As your little one stirs the water to watch the "frog spawn" swirl about or try to scoop them out of the water (no lives are harmed in this activity yay!), teach them about the life cycle of a frog.

  • Frogspawn are tiny frogs' eggs and laid in thousands. They can be found typically in ponds or marshes.
  • Tadpoles hatch from eggs and use gills to breathe in water.
  • Froglets have tails and now breathe using lungs.
  • Adult frogs no longer have tails (absorbed back into their bodies) and continue breathing with lungs.

Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Learning Resources to Pair With This Activity

  • Nursery rhymes about frogs, such as Five Green And Speckled Frogs
  • Book "From Tadpole to Frog" by Wendy Pfeffer

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Learning About Frogs Sensory Activity for Toddlers

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